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Annual Giving Program

"LMS lives its mission in every classroom every day, and for that reason it is my philanthropic priority. At LMS, children are seen, understood, educated and loved. I know no other school that so successfully integrates those four components of meaningful progressive education." 
Jana Porter, LMS Head of School 1996 - 2002

"So much of what we take for granted today - LMS-sponsored Montessori-trained teachers, genrous financial aid, beautifully furnished classrooms, the upper field playground - we have because parents before us provided those ideas and funds. It is our job to do the same."
Aline Gery, P'11 & '14, LMS Head of School

"It wouldn't occur to us not to give. As members of the LMS community, we feel it is our responsibility to participate. We know our contribution matters. That's why we give."
Pam Rice & Rob Salafia P'20

2013 - 2014 LMS Fund
Goal Amt: $230,000.00
Current Amt: $237,000.00
Participation Goal (%): 100%
Participation Current (%): 58%
As of Date: 6/30/2014
Start Date: 7/1/2013
End Date: 6/30/2014
Please join us...

Thank you to all who helped LMS exceed our 2013-2014 LMS50 Fund goal!