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Visual Art

Welcome to the Visual Art Program

We are excited for an Art-filled year!

Our three primary goals for the LMS Art program are to explore a range of materials and techniques, to inspire each student's self-expression, and to encourage creativity and problem-solving.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are eager to work with your children.

Sue Galeros 
Margie Gibbons
You are all artists.
Use your mistakes. Really look and trust your eye. Draw slowly. Take your time. Let your words be still so your brain, eyes, and hand can take over. Process over product. Everyone sees differently so your art work will be different from others. You are all artists.

These are a few of the messages in the Art Rooms here at LMS. Below you will find desciptions of some of the projects that are underway in Art.

MS Masks: Who Am I?
Middle school students work on three masks during their mask-making trimester.  They cover their faces with Vaseline and help each other plaster their faces with plaster bandage material.  Students turn their “life mask” into a self-portrait, expressing who they are on the outside and illustrating who they are on the inside of their mask.
We make papier-mache masks decorated with colored tissue paper after studying about Vejigante masks from Puerto Rico.  We experiment with the process of mask-making in clay, and glaze and decorate the final piece.

Upper Elementary Art
We begin the year making sheets of paste papers, much like the process Eric Carle uses with his beautifully textured collage materials. We make handmade books that unfold in dramatic ways and journals in which we can write and draw. Next, we observe carefully and draw slow contour drawings; this develops our skills of observation and hand-eye-brain connections. The harvest-themed works are beautifully articulated pen and ink with watercolors. We are now using clay. We introduce the slab roller. In our unit on Observational Fish sculpture, Lowers study whole fish and then texture the surface of clay. Middles and Uppers learn to make a template and they construct imaginative sneakers, high heeled shoes, and boots.

Lower Elementary Art
Students in Lower Elementary used “viewers“ to create a still life of fall plants and squashes.  They explored symmetry by making a mask out of tag-board, and then created patterns to decorate their masks. We are currently excited by learning patterns and drawing them with “Zen” concentration; we then combine the patterns in a unique “Zentangle.” 

CH Art
We introduce materials in CH Art. We use watercolor pastels, markers, sponge printmaking, modelling clay, and watercolors. We read The Dot (Peter Reynolds), Harold and the Purple Crayon (Crockett Johnson), Beautiful Oops (Barney Saltzberg), Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres (Tana Hoban), Swimmy (Leo Lionni), and Sky Color (Peter Reynolds again). We paint, draw, form geometric solids, make seastars and sea anemone, and construct tidal pools. What fun we are having!

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