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Visual Art

Welcome to the Visual Art Program

We are excited for an Art-filled year!

Our three primary goals for the LMS Art program are to explore a range of materials and techniques, to inspire each student's self-expression, and to encourage creativity and problem-solving.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are eager to work with your children.

Sue Galeros 
Margie Chin
We are all artists.
We view any mistakes as possibilities. We learn to look carefully, trust our eyes and hand...draw slowly. We let our spoken words be still, so that our brain, eyes, and hand can take over. The process of experimenting with materials and exploring ideas becomes our work. Each of us sees differently - therefore our art work will be unique and an expression of who we are, as artists. 

The following are brief descriptions of our Art class goals for our students in the year ahead:
Middle School Art: Sue Galeros, Teacher
Middle school students choose three electives from 3 art & 3 music offerings for the school year. Their art choices are:
Experimenting with Drawing (Fall)
Exploring Painting & Mixed Media (Winter)
Finding Our Way with Clay (Spring)
Middle School Art takes place for two hours on Wednesday, so students should come prepared with their sketchbooks and “art friendly” clothes.
Upper Elementary Art: Margie Chin, Teacher
We begin the year making sheets of paste papers, much like the process of
Eric Carle, author and artist, who uses beautifully textured collage materials to illustrate his children’s books.  We’ll create hand-made books as journals in which we can express in drawings and words what we see with our eyes or with our imagination, all year long.  Students will increase their skills of observation and hand-eye-brain connections, supporting their academic learning, through contour drawings, watercolor painting, collage, mixed media and more. An added goal is to increase visual literacy (and vocabulary) through our creative projects: as we explore and interpret visual and tactile approaches, while expressing individual ideas.
Lower Elementary Art: Margie Chin, Teacher
First year elementary students will experience for the first time, the LMS tradition of creating their own hand-made drawing books, in which they will do weekly ‘silent’ drawings and journaling – activating their visual learning.  The goal at this level is to learn the basic elements and principles of art and vocabulary (shape, color, line, value, texture, and form) as well as nurture the joy of visual expression by exposing students to various artistic mediums in drawing, painting, and mixed media projects. Older elementary students will continue to develop and apply their powers of observation, hone their creative skills, explore unique expression and possibilities, whether in their art-making or through art-integrated academic projects.
CH Art: Sue Galeros, Teacher
We are excited this year to have our art classes in the CH classrooms. Every week, the art teacher will spend a morning in each classroom presenting an art project and students will have the opportunity to continue working in the art area for the rest of the week. We will be drawing, painting, working with clay and geometric solids, building, experimenting with materials and “playing around “ with ideas. Children should come on art day wearing “art friendly” clothes: CH 5 – Tuesday,  CH 1 – Wednesday,  CH 3 – Thursday,  CH 4 – Friday.

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