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Children's House Room 1 - 2013 - 2014
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CH1 News
Squishy Circuits
On Thursday, Rebecca Kramer, visited to teach us about circuits. She used clay to teach about coductive and non-conductive. Visit our private classroom page to view additional photos of the children.
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Special Sound of the Week
This week our special sound is /th/ as in Earth. The children were shown several objects that contain the /th/ sound; cloth, thumb, bathtub and an earth. Ainsley read a book called 'The Earth Book' by Todd Parr.
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Baking with Leigh Ann Alexander
On Friday, April 4th Leigh Ann Alexander (Jake's mom), baked apple cheesecake quesadillas with Jake, Joshua, Gwenyth, Julia, Rishi and Karina for the class. Everyone enjoyed the special treat! Read more for the recipe.
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Special Sound of the Week
This week our special sound is /z/ as in zipper, zebra and zero. We read the book 'Zero' by Kathryn Otoshi.

Hand Washing
Our school nurse, Kathleen, visited our classroom to teach the children about hand washing.  Kathleen and the children discussed that they should wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating, for example.  She put dirt on her hands, to represent germs, and then just rinsed her hands with water.  The children noticed that her hands did not get very clean.  Then she carefully used soap and washed her hands while the children counted slowly to twenty.  Kathleen carefully dried her hands and each of her fingers.  The children were interested to learn that their hands will be much cleaner after using soap and water, while washing for twenty seconds, and carefully drying.    
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