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Children's House Room 1 - 2014 - 2015
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CH1 News
Earth Day
CH1 Celebrated Earth Day by planting herbs in our herb garden, visiting the Green House and singing the Garden Song. Check out our classroom page for more photos from today!
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Special Sound of the Week
This week, March 30th, our special sound is /f/ as in fish. The children were shown small objects such as a fence, flip flop, fan, fish, and a frog. The group listened to a book called, 'Froggy Fable', listening  for words they heard in the story that had the initial sound /f/.
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Special Sound of the Week
This week our special sound is /k/ as in kite! The group was shown several objects that have the same beginning sound, /k/. Such as a kola, key, kangaroo, and kite. We read a book called 'Three Kittens'. How many things can you name that start with the sound /k/.
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Cooking with Preeta (Sireeta's mom)
On Friday, Novermber 7th Sireeta's mom came in to bake cookies.  The children enjoyed the whole cooking experience of measuring, pouring, and cracking the eggs.  We enjoyed a cookie with our lunch!  Pictures are up on the private page.  

Kindergarten Field Trip
On Tuesday, October 28th the kindergarteners went on their first field trip to The Harvard Museum of Natural History.  The first part of our trip was getting to ride on a school bus!  We arrived at the museum and we headed into the Mineral Gallery where we were able to look at many different kinds of minerals and rocks.  As we traveled from room to room we saw fossils, skeletons, and animals from various continents. It was a beautiful day so we decided to have a picnic lunch outside on the grass.  Be sure to ask your kindergartener what their favorite part of the museum was and take a look at the pictures on our private page.
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