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Diversity at LMS
At Lexington Montessori School, we are enriched, challenged and inspired by the diversity in our community and in the larger world. We recognize that building a multicultural school requires an ongoing commitment of time, energy and resources in both our curriculum and our school practices.
Our Montessori curriculum respects the individuality of each child, creates a cooperative community, and nurtures a sense of wonder about the interconnectedness of life. Implicit within the Montessori philosophy is the concept of a multicultural school. Through our curriculum, we work to acknowledge and explore differences among us and in the world. We want children to learn to understand and value multiple perspectives, identify and reject stereotypes and prejudices, and work for equity and justice within the school.

At an organizational level, we are committed to creating and maintaining a diverse student and staff population which shares differences of gender, race, religion, family structure, socioeconomic level, culture, age, sexual orientation, language and learning style. We want all parents, staff, and Board to share a commitment to build an inclusive community, and we support their ongoing education.

Our goal at LMS is to create an environment where each person freely brings his or her whole self to school each day, comfortable that every individual will be honored and protected. We hope our children will go on to their next educational experience feeling rooted in their individual identities, with a profound appreciation for both difference and interconnection.
Dear Parents,

Diversity at LMS continues to be an important part of the LMS mission. The school strives to ensure that every student has the best learning environment. To help further this, LMS has developed affinity groups for children. The affinity group provides a setting for children to build stronger relationships with other children who share an affinity. It also allows children to know that in addition to their teachers and the other adults on campus, they have peer allies, who they can turn to for comfort and advice. 

Affinity Groups for 2014-2015 - to be updated soon

East Asian Affinity Lunch 
Children with ancestry form China, Japan and Korea 
Group leader  - Patty Lally 

Family from Another Country

Children who were born in another country and/or have a parent who was born outside the US
Group leader - Aline Gery

Harambee Lunch
African American/Urban 
Group leaderTBD

Jewish Affinity Group

Children who celebrate Jewish holidays
Goup leaders - Izzi Stone and Diana Traylor 
Latino Heritage Lunch
Children with Latin roots, regardless of what language they speak at home
Group leader - Maria-Veronica Barnes

New Kids on the Block
This group is made up of students who have joined LMS in Elementary
Group leaders - Biff Maier and TBD

Rainbow Lunch
Children with two moms or two dads
Group leader - Alisha Cropper 

Spanish Language Lunch Group
Elementary students who speak Spanish at home
Group leaders - Andrea O'Brien & Suzie Byers 

Two Home families
Children with parents in different homes
Group leader - Rebecca Blake