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Lower Elementary Room 2 - 2014-2015
Welcome to LE2's web page.

Check out what's going on in the classroom below. Go to our classroom's private page (link on the right) to see more detailed pictures, videos and announcements.
LE2 News
Peace is...
At LMS there are various ways we celebrate, honor and teach peace.  Recently the entire school made Tibetan Peace Flags and we held a peace assembly in the multipurpose room.
Some Children's House classrooms have a Peace Table with a Peace Rock and/or Peace Flower to sit with while they practice active listening and resolve conflicts.
In Lower Elementary we focus a large portion of our morning meetings, especially during the first six weeks of school, on community building and peace education.  We role play, practice conflict resolution and read books such as Amazing Grace, The Name Jar, Ferdinand and The Boy With Pink Hair.
This winter in LE2 we read A Little Book of Peace, by Chandra Fernando.  After reading a book about peace LE2 created our own peace book (see the slideshow below), with each student writing what reminds them of peace and using.  We also created an interactive bulletin board titled "Peace Is..."  and asked students, teachers, staff and parents to share what peace means to them.

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Peace is... (more pictures)
More pictures from our "Peace is..." project
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Parents Wanted
11/6/2014 volunteer in our classroom.  Please come share something from your culture, a passion or hobby, a book your family enjoy or something else.  Parent volunteers are invaluable to our community.
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Mystery History Day
Today we were visited by peacemakers, royalty, politicians, animal activists, chefs, goddesses, adventurers, athletes, actors and authors. Login in to our website to see our guests.

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