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Lower Elementary Room 2 - 2014-2015
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LE2 News
Starshade Project Visits LE2
Last week Alex’s mom visited our LE2 to talk about one of the projects she’s working on:  She brought in a prototype of a “petal” from the Starshade.  She explained to our class that the Starshade will hopefully block out light from other stars so scientists can view planets that may be orbiting that star.

This discussion brought up many questions:
What does nothing look like?
Will people go with the starshade project?
Why do they want to do the starshade project?
How do the petals block out the sun?
How many petals does it take to block out the sun?
What could the planet with life on it look like?
Could people start life on another planet?
Does that planet have day and night?
Won’t the starshade just drift away from the telescope?
What at LMS is equal to 185.6 feet?  (the size of the starshade tip to tip)
How many miles across is the Milky Way?
How fast is the speed of light?
Why does the starshade have points at each tip?
Does space go on forever?
            How do we know?
            What does the end look like?
Why do we want to know if there is life on another planet?
What would a planet that can support life look like?
            Do they have day and night?
            What would those life forms be?
            Would that planet have gravity?
            Could people start life on another planet?
Is there really junk floating in space around the earth?
            Why is there junk floating around earth?
            What can we do to get rid of space junk?

LE2 Small Group Challenge
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The Circus is Coming

For the next two weeks Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary students will be joining forces to prepare a “night at the circus.” Each year we tweak our daily routine for residency. While lessons and work time continue daily, the students will have a scheduled time when they set aside the classwork and join our returning circus performer Christine to practice various circus skills. This will be Christine’s third residency visit to LMS

Ancient China
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What Makes Us Sing
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