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Lower Elementary Room 3 - 2014 - 2015
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María-Verónica and Robbie
LE3 News
Land Forms
During the first part of the year, the First Years explore Physical Geography and classify land and water forms. They use materials that they can manipulate to represent geographic forms and to learn vocabulary associated with them. The aim of these lessons is to provide an impressioninstic demostration of the relationship between land and water. We offer the land and water contrast as the priciple distintion in most maps, especially globes. We aim to provide a physical model that links the symbolic representation of maps and globes to actual land forms.
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Inspiration for a bunch of "monkees"
Inspired by an accurate tee-shirt and a classic song, LE3 embraced our dreamy side with a special assembly performance of the Monkees' Daydream Believer today. Check it out in our photos and videos sections!
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Where does pizza come from?
We've been talking a lot about systems and interdependence this year. Farmer Ben gave an inspiring lesson on where we get our pizza. We started at the farmed products and followed them on their journeys to us, as pizza consumers. The process was observed and analyzed and a discussion followed on how we might make the system more efficient and environmentally friendly.
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How was the Universe created?
In telling the story of the Creation of the Universe, we give little snapshots of important changes and reactions that occured along the way. One of these moments in time was when the particles zooming around in space began attracting to each other. We demonstrate this scientifically with water and glitter. Please check out our website to see what happened to the particles as they spent more time in "space" and catch a glimpse of your children participating in some experiments.

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For Kids, By Kids
This week, the members of LE3 have been working on something close to our hearts. In conjunction with our clothing donations to Cradles to Crayons, we have been making notecards for children to receive along with their packages. The children have been working on watercolor painting in Art class with Sue lately and they are taking that experience into the classroom to make personalized cards for the recipients of Cradles to Crayons packs. Each card includes a message of kindness, happiness, love or all of the above, as well as a work of art. These cards will be brought to Cradles so they can include them in the packs they provide to children in our community. To learn more about Cradles to Crayons and how you can help any time, please visit their website:
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