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Welcome to the Lexington Montessori School Library

Hours:  8:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Monday - Friday
Librarian: Laurel Ackles, M.L.S.

The Library welcomes all members of the LMS community. It is the mission of the Library staff to provide an enriching reading and study experience for children and adults. We strive to have current reference materials and recently published fiction for all age levels – toddlers to adults.

All LMS community members are encouraged to come to the Library at any time to read, share a story with a child, and borrow recent adult fiction and non-fiction books. Please click the library schedule link in Library Forms for your child's library days. Our borrowing policy can also be found there.
LMS Birthday Book Program
2013- 2014 Birthday Books
Find a book to order on the LMS Birthday Book listThese books may either be sent directly to the LMS Library or to your home. If they are sent to the Library, please make sure the “gift from” is filled out.

Your child’s name will be placed on a plate in the front of the book. When it arrives, the book may be read during the child’s library class!

It is fun to go back through the years and see all the books given to the school. Check the front of the books your child brings home for any Birthday Books plates from previous children.  Who knows - you may even find one from your family!

Library News
For Kindergarten Parents - Winter Library Lesson December 2 – January 24
For the next 6 weeks, the children will select a Caldecott Medal winning book and share their favorite page with their library group. The procedure will be:
Week one: Lesson about sharing pages and selecting a Caldecott book.
Week two: Return with book and share page. Select another Caldecott book.
Remaining weeks will be the same as week two.
On January 27 we will begin Folktales of the World.
This is a great way to share good literature with your child. Listening to well written reading materials increases comprehension, grammar awareness, and ability to focus on contextual structure.
Please share the book with your child and help him/her select a page that is of great interest. Your child will be asked to say the title and author of a book, show the page to the group and explain why s/he chose it and if it came from the beginning, middle or end of the story. Marking the page with a post-it will make it easier for your child to give the “report”. Information about the Caldecott Medal can be found on the American Library Association website.

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Kindles Available!
Kindles are available in the library! To check out a kindle, your student must bring in a Lexington Montessori School Kindle User Agreement Form. These forms can be printed out from the library forms section on our website, or your student can pick one up in their classroom, or the library.
Library Forms & Information

LMS Kindle User Agreement
Please note that Kindle settings have been locked to ensure student safety.