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More on Montessori

More on Montessori

Thoughts on Education
Montessori Education
Cosmic Education
By Biff Maier, LMS Director of Faculty and Curriculum Development

The child will develop a kind of philosophy, which teaches him the unity of the universe. This is the very thing to organize his intelligence and to give him a better insight into his own place and task in the world.
- Maria Montessori, International Montessori Conference. Amsterdam, 1950

Dr. Montessori’s view of the world and Earthlings was characterized by a grand cosmic vision. She looked at Earthly existence in the context of the universe and all of its interrelationships. She celebrated order in nature, especially at the level of creation. She described “cosmic agents” that enable cosmic order and maintain ongoing creation. She noted that while these agents generally perform their work unconsciously, human agents have the unique potential to act consciously and purposefully.  Montessori talked about a “cosmic plan,” which can be understood more clearly if we think of the world as a great, cosmic household, where all the work has been distributed among the family members. In this way we can understand that everything has tasks to fulfill, cosmic work to accomplish.

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