Welcome to the Lexington Montessori School Library

The LMS library provides an enriching reading and study experience for children and adults. We have current reference materials and recently published fiction for all age levels – toddlers to adults.

All LMS community members are encouraged to come to the library at any time to read, share a story with a child, and borrow books. Please check the library schedule for your child's library days. Our borrowing policies are also available.
Kindergarteners: How to use your library bag

Each kindergartener, on their first visit to the library, receives a drawstring plastic bag to carry their books to and from the library and home.

Birthday Book Program

2015-2016 Birthday Books
Find a book to order on the LMS Birthday Book list. These books may either be sent directly to the LMS Library or to your home. If they are sent to the Library, please make sure the “gift from” is filled out.

Your child’s name will be placed on a plate in the front of the book. When it arrives, the book may be read during the child’s library class!

It is fun to go back through the years and see all the books given to the school. Check the front of the books your child brings home for any Birthday Books plates from previous children.  Who knows - you may even find one from your family!

Hours & Contact Info

Hours:  8:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Monday - Friday
Librarian: Laurel Ackles, M.L.S.
Kindles are available in the library! To check out a kindle, your student must bring in the LMS Kindle User Agreement form. The forms can be printed out from the link, or your student can pick one up in their classroom or the library.

Library Forms and Information