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Toddler Program Descriptions
TD Anti-bias
At LMS children explore their own identities as they interact empathetically with people from diverse backgrounds.
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TD History/Geography
Toddlers make sense of the world by experiencing and mastering routines.
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TD Language
Toddlers absorb language with extraordinary ease.
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TD Math
Toddlers begin to build mathematical concepts by exploring our specially prepared environment.
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TD Music
Toddlers sing songs, use musical instruments, dance and move to music, and practice keeping rhythm.
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TD Physical Education
In all of our activities in the Toddler room, we try to incorporate movement.
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TD Practical Life
Toddlers' routines and activities foster independence and self-care skills.
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TD Science
Toddlers interpret their world through movement and by the use of their senses.
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TD Spanish

Toddlers are exposed to Spanish spoken by a native speaker. 

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TD Visual Art
Toddlers are exposed to a variety of art media, tools, vocabulary, and colors.
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Toddlers awaken to the joy of connecting with people outside their families.

During their time in the toddler class, children develop some of their first relationships outside the home. In a nurturing environment, toddlers learn to trust adults and, little by little, to take care of themselves.
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