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Children's House

CH Program Descriptions
CH Anti-bias

At LMS children explore their own identities as they  interact empathetically with people from diverse backgrounds.

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CH History/Geography

We expose young children to the defining elements of cultures: traditions, symbols, food, clothing, customs and beliefs.

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CH Language

Three to six-year-olds are in what Dr. Montessori called a “sensitive period” for language acquisition. 

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CH Math
Montessori’s extraordinary mathematical materials enable children to begin abstract concept formation as they develop operational thought.
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CH Music

The Children’s House music program emphasizes singing and expressive movement.  

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CH Physical Education
Young children experience personal feelings of success and achievement through movement.
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CH Practical Life

Practical Life activities in the Children’s House classroom take advantage of a “sensitive period for order" to help them build independence.

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CH Science

Three to six-year-olds are active investigators. Our specialized materials encourage creativity, versatility and experimentation. 

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CH Spanish

The Children’s House Spanish Program aims for children to have fun while learning Spanish in various ways. 

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CH Visual Art
Children's House students explore a range of materials and techniques. They experiment with paint and color mixing, clay, printmaking, and building. 
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Our Children's House students become engrossed in their work as they explore with their friends the connections between objects and ideas.
Maria Montessori called early childhood a "period of absorbency." As young children make sense of their world, they absorb vast amounts of vocabulary as well as the coding systems for both language and mathematics. They imitate the behaviors and values of their carefully practiced teachers. 
Our classrooms surround children with language experiences. Our balanced literacy program follows children’s natural paths as it builds a solid foundation for reading and writing. Young children at LMS develop their mathematical skills and aptitudes as they learn to categorize and order an intriguing variety of objects. Children explore relationships among specially designed sensorial materials, and they use Montessori math beads to see and feel concepts of numeration. 
LMS Children’s House classes are conscious communities where children practice the arts of grace, courtesy and authentic communication. They learn to control themselves in group situations, and they learn to use conflict resolution skills to stand up for themselves and what they believe.
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