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Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary Program Descriptions
LE Anti-bias

At LMS children explore their own identities as they  interact empathetically with people from diverse backgrounds.

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LE History/Geography

The Montessori “cosmic curriculum” for Lower Elementary students focuses on the common bonds among humans, and it offers an optimistic, forward-looking approach to global solutions.

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LE Language

The Lower Elementary language curriculum offers a balanced approach to literacy.

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LE Math

Lower Elementary students construct math concepts, and they practice procedures using the extraordinary Montessori math materials.

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LE Music

In the Lower Elementary music program children expand their repertoire of songs and movement games in number and complexity. 

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LE Physical Education

Lower Elementary students receive a basic introduction to the components of health-related fitness. 

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LE Practical Life
Practical Life activities in Lower Elementary revolve around the child’s natural interest in peer relationships and in the world around him.
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LE Science
Lower Elementary children's questions lead naturally to studies of how the world was formed, its physical laws, and the origins and evolution of life.
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LE Spanish

The Lower Elementary Spanish Program uses songs, games, projects, readings, rhymes and tongue twisters to help children develop Spanish language skills in a fun atmosphere.

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LE Visual Art

In the Lower Elementary Art program children learn to think creatively, to use their “right brains,” and to take risks with ideas and materials.

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The Lower Elementary "cosmic" curriculum helps children explore big questions about their place in the world.

Young elementary children are fascinated by stories: stories of animals; stories of the origins of things; stories of heroic accomplishments. They love to ask big questions. Much of the Lower Elementary curriculum is designed to help children explore their natural questions about their place in the world. The history, geography, biology and physical science curricula examine broad concepts and provide a framework for more abstract study in later years.

Our Lower Elementary language curriculum offers a balanced approach to literacy. We bolster children’s foundation in phonemic awareness and phonics, and we build their vocabulary by exploring word patterns and roots. By reading to them and with them, we help them improve their fluency. We coach students to utilize a variety of reading comprehension strategies, and we use the Junior Great Books Program to help students develop interpretation skills. Reading/writing workshops reveal to children how their reading informs their writing, and visa versa. 


Our remarkable Montessori math materials offer a tangible foundation upon which mathematical thinking can grow. Our students use their hands to explore concepts integral to arithmetic operations and plane geometry. They also memorize basic math facts and solve problems. Eventually, the concrete materials give way to abstract calculations.


LMS Lower Elementary classes are conscious communities where children learn to support each other’s academic and social-emotional growth. They use their meeting circles to celebrate each other and their community, to solve problems and resolve conflicts. In this way, children learn about their responsibilities as individuals within a group.

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