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Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary Program Descriptions
UE Anti-bias

At LMS children explore their own identities as they interact empathetically with people from diverse backgrounds.

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UE History/Geography

The Upper Elementary “cosmic curriculum” includes studies of human evolution, world civilizations, and early American history. Students progress through a self-paced comprehensive study of geography.

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UE Language

The Upper Elementary Language Curriculum balances rigorous skill development with constant opportunity for self-expression.  

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UE Math

Upper Elementary students do their basic computations abstractly, as they use advanced Montessori manipulatives to explore more challenging concepts.

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UE Music

The Upper Elementary Music program aims to train each child’s ear in tonal recognition, and each child’s voice in rendering simple conjunct melodies unaided by accompaniment.  

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UE Physical Education

The Upper Elementary PE program refines fundamental patterns, mature motor patterns, and selected isolated manipulative skills.

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UE Practical Life

The Upper Elementary students develop connections to a broader world community.

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UE Science
Science studies in Upper Elementary offer a unique blend of conceptual overview and in-depth exploration. Students study the sciences within broadly focused thematic studies.
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UE Spanish

Upper Elementary Spanish students participate in activities organized around listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and cultural aspects of Hispanic countries.

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UE Visual Art

In the Upper Elementary Art program children work with their teachers to find their natural artistic voice. They use their “right brains” to think creatively, and they take risks with ideas and materials.

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Upper Elementary students are transitioning into adolescence. While children in this age group show striking variance in their physical development, they are actually quite similar to one another. They are adamant about their desire for independence, but they require organizational and emotional guidance.
The Upper Elementary students travel to a 3-day outdoor education program in the fall, and they go on a week-long excursion to New York City, Washington, D.C., or Maine in the spring.

The Upper Elementary language curriculum is built around writing and reading workshops. Students discover their expressive voices as they become practiced in the skills of expository writing and writing conventions. Our teachers and librarian work together to mentor each child's independent reading and to select books for dynamic discussion groups. 
The Upper Elementary math curriculum offers guided explorations with manipulative material that help students build a solid foundation in whole, fraction and decimal computation, as well as plane and solid geometry. Advanced work is complemented by collaborative problem solving activities that challenge students' logic and intuition.
Science studies in Upper Elementary offer a unique blend of conceptual overview and in-depth exploration. They revolve around rotating global themes. The “Fire” focus includes units such as Solar Power, Photosynthesis, and Volcanism. The “Water” theme might include units like Waterwheels, Circulatory Systems, and The Earth’s Water Cycles. “Earth and Air” themes include units such as Wind Power, Respiratory Systems, and The Work of Wind.
Upper Elementary history studies include an exploration of the cultural evolution of humans, as well as studies of various civilizations and a survey of American history from prehistoric times through the colonial period.
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