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Middle School

Middle School Program Descriptions
MS Anti-bias

At LMS children explore their own identities as they  interact empathetically with people from diverse backgrounds.

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MS History/Geography
The Middle School history curriculum focuses on modern perspectives of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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MS Language
Middle School students read, analyze, and respond to material from a variety of genres; they practice critical thinking in seminars; they develop various writing genres, especially the composition of effective essays.
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MS Math
The middle school math curriculum focuses primarily on pre-algebra and algebra.
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MS Music

The Middle School music program continues earlier vocalization, instrumentality and literacy. Students compose on the computer and improvise as a means of personal expression.

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MS Physical Education

In the Middle School PE program, students refine motor combinations and learn to use specialized skills in sport and fitness activities. 

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MS Practical Life

Middle School students apply skills of care of self, care of environment, and grace and courtesy outside of the classroom, in the school and greater communities.

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MS Science

Middle School science labs provide students with opportunities to interact directly with natural phenomena and with data collected by others in order to compare theories and laws with observations.

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MS Spanish

Middle School Spanish includes studies organized around listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and cultural aspects of Hispanic countries.

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MS Visual Art

At the Middle School level, students learn about advanced elements of drawing and painting, printmaking, form and sculpture. 

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The LMS Middle School enables students to stretch themselves and take academic risks as they work in a close community of peers and adults.

Educators proclaim that the ideal school for early adolescents provides a feeling of safety, a sense of community, and a close working relationship with adults. The LMS Middle School provides such a place, where students can stretch themselves, take academic risks, and learn about themselves as older students and blossoming young adults. Our capstone class creates a safe but challenging environment by extending Montessori philosophy to older students. Intimate in size, this class offers young adolescents extraordinary mentorship by experienced, caring adults.

LMS teachers engage their adolescent students in stimulating discussion seminars that integrate literature with complex investigations of social themes such as origins, change, quest, structure and power. Students practice a host of writing skills utilizing different literary techniques. 


The math curricula build upon Montessori math materials used in earlier years. On that firm foundation, the Middle School students move to textbooks, pencil, and paper to work with pre-algebra and algebra. The sciences provide students both laboratory and field investigations in earth science, physical science and life science. Using the scientific method, our students explore science and discover concepts through hands–on experiments.


As the oldest students in the LMS community, our middle-schoolers have leadership and community service opportunities in and out of the classroom, helping define what it means to be citizens of the world. Our students emerge well prepared – academically, socially and emotionally –for high school and the challenges that lie ahead.

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