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Montessori Across the Ages

"Montessori Across the Ages" Program Descriptions
At LMS children explore their own identities as they interact empathetically with people from diverse backgrounds.
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The Cultural Curriculum at LMS emphasizes children’s curiosity about their place in the world community.

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Language Arts at LMS is energized by children’s drive to communicate. Our classrooms are alive with conversation, discussion and debate. LMS children are expressive writers.

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The LMS mathematics program gives students specialized tools and experiences each step of the way, as they develop from preoperational Toddlers into formal operational Middle Schoolers. 

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The Music program at LMS is designed to empower the individual to express and communicate with sound on a normalized and on-going basis, and to hear, feel and interpret as they listen.

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Physical Education

The Physical Education program is designed to help develop physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the benefits of total body movement and also the self-confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.

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Practical Life

The Practical Life curriculum is a distinguishing feature of Montessori education, allowing students to connect learning with living throughout their educational experience. 

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The Science Curriculum at LMS is designed to inspire a sense of wonder about the the natural world and the laws of nature. 

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The Spanish program has three  goals: to promote enjoyment in Spanish language learning; to immerse students in Spanish listening, speaking and writing experiences; and to promote the appreciation of the diverse cultures of Spain and Latin America.

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Visual Art

The Art program at Lexington Montessori School is based on the premise that all children are natural artists and have an artistic voice. 

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LMS offers “Montessori Across the Ages.” The classrooms from Toddlers through Middle School are led by highly skilled teachers who engage their diverse range of learners by getting to know them intimately. At each level the teachers build conscious communities where children learn effective communication for sharing ideas and resolving conflicts.


LMS classrooms celebrate literacy by using literature in every aspect of learning. Children write because they are authors with something to say; they read to appreciate the craft of other authors and to support their learning. Montessori math is agelessly innovative, with materials that are unrivaled in their ability to help children build conceptual understanding. The soul of the LMS curriculum arises from each student’s search for meaning as an individual within the community, the culture and the universe. Dr. Montessori called this “cosmic education.”