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Program Introduction

From Toddlers through Middle School, LMS provides curricula and classrooms that respond to the developmental characteristics of each particular age group.

LMS classrooms are specially prepared environments that promote individual children’s independence. As students grow in their successes, they grow in confidence. We stress intrinsic motivation, believing that the “work” is its own reward.

Students at LMS attain autonomy through participation in group activity. Our multi-age classrooms emphasize collaboration and cooperation.  Students develop trust in older children and feel responsible for those who are younger.  We balance academic and social development.

The education process is critical; how is as important as what children learn.  At LMS, academic skills are essential to learning and knowing; they are not the aim of learning and knowing.   
For descriptions of each program level, including an overview of our curriculum, please choose from the navigation bars on the left.
The “Across the Ages" section gives a developmental survey of each curriculum area from Toddlers through Middle School.

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