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Everything Under the Sun-LMS Arts Show

It is always a bittersweet moment, dismantling the Arts Show. We see all the beautiful artwork the children created throughout the year. We carefully pack up the hundreds of paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramic pieces, and installations throughout the school. We are sad to see bare walls.

Last night at the Arts Show Reception, Everything Under the Sun, we celebrated the many creative venues here at LMS. Sweet Kindergarten voices, led by Fred, and Elementary GLEE, led by Rebecca, filled the gym-turned-gallery space. Visitors wandered across the campus to view art and to hear saxophone, violin, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and drum performances. With parents in tow, students find their artwork on the walls across campus, point out their friends' work, find their planets and murals hanging in the gym.
We are sending the artwork home. Please hang it in your homes. Celebrate your artists.

Margie Gibbons, LMS Art teacher 

Photos from the recent Arts Show