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Technology @ LMS

Some new technology tools are playing a role in the learning process this school year at LMS...

Some new technology tools are playing a role in the learning process this school year at LMS.  Our students are now using an interactive SMART Board in their Spanish classes to support interaction and conversation. In the Spanish classroom, students are using the SMART Board as much as the teachers. Students can manipulate the interactive board and lead their peers as they learn vocabulary, play Spanish games, or are exposed to different cultures. This fall, the SMART Board has proved to be a valuable learning device that encourages communication in a foreign language and brings some excitement to the classroom.
Throughout campus students are participating in many more technology enabled lessons in the classroom that enhance subject content. For instance, in Art the new Elmo document camera is enabling up close and detailed observation of art techniques for a whole group. The Elmo is a mounted camera attached to a projector that allows students to focus less on the technology, and more on the artistic process during a presentation. It is the perfect way to magnify pictures and projects, or demonstrate concepts like how to mix colors. The document camera is a very versatile tool, which has visual learning opportunities for many areas beyond the art classroom.
We also now have iPads playing an active role in some classrooms, providing a wide range of benefits. They may be found helping with jobs like taking daily attendance, or students could be outside getting a closer look at the external parts of a plant with a ProScope. The ProScope is a wireless, handheld microscope that connects to the iPad and allows students to magnify various surfaces, substances and specimens with the ability to save images for future observation and analysis. In addition, students have used the iPad to dictate stories, take pictures and videos, complete curriculum research and as a translation tool.
If you know of any other new and emerging educational technologies please share them with the Tech Department. There are so many new tools that can help make learning more engaging and more productive for students and teachers. The possibilities are endless, which is why the sharing of ideas is so beneficial.
Jennifer Zacharis, LMS Technology Support Coordinator