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Montessori Teacher Training comes to LMS

Beginning this summer, LMS will host a teacher training program to prepare Montessori educators to work in lower and upper elementary classrooms...

I have been doing this work with the Center for Montessori Teacher Education/NY (CMTE/NY) for over thirty years. When that organization announced it would not start a new cohort at the College of New Rochelle this summer, the CMTE faculty asked about moving the program to Lexington under a new name. The Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC) is an independent non-profit corporation that will train teachers at LMS beginning this summer.

All of our Montessori teachers have attended CMTE/NY or a similar training program. Most recently, UE teachers Laini and Stephen, and LE teachers Laura and Brenda have travelled to New York for this course.

Teacher training has been my greatest source of professional development over the years. I have worked with colleagues to clarify, augment and update many Montessori materials and strategies. Joining me in directing METTC are Michael and D’Neil Duffy, longtime Montessori educators and authors of three books on the subject, Children of the Universe, Math Works, and Love of Learning. (Michael and D’Neil are also grandparents of two LMS students.) We have at least nine other teacher educators on our METTC faculty, so the combined group offers many, many years of experience as teachers, administrators and school consultants. Several LMS teachers have expressed interest in participating, as well. This is a wonderful opportunity for LMS to share in the curriculum development, and to help direct the future of Montessori teaching.

METTC will commence on June 24 with an Overview of Montessori Education and an Introduction to Early Childhood, taught by Martha Torrence, a former president of the American Montessori Society who is now the head at Summit Montessori School. The program will continue for four more weeks this summer, then five weeks next summer, as adult learners study the philosophy, pedagogy and methodology of Montessori education. They will learn how to guide children with the vast array of Montessori materials; they will learn the art of fostering autonomous learning; and they will learn how to build a cohesive learning community. Their guided internship will span two school years. Those seeking upper elementary credentials will return for a third summer.

- Biff Maier, LMS Director of Faculty & Curriculum Development