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Senior Projects 2013

LMS sixth graders go to the podium this Thursday and the next Monday, beginning at 7 pm, to present their “senior projects” to the LMS community. These presentations mark the culmination of nearly a year’s work on a topic of personal interest to them...

Most of them begin reading and thinking about topics during the summer before their 6th grade (senior) year. When school starts in September they begin following a structured process of information gathering and organization that leads to a substantial paper. They use the paper as a foundation as they go on to create a public presentation for the LMS community. The evening events are always enlightening and inspiring, and I encourage everyone to come out to appreciate the work that these kids have done. I am confident that you will learn something, too!

This year's Senior Project topics:

Thursday 4.25
How to Own a Horse
Robotics: The Story of Robots
Starting and Running a Horse Business
Shock Comedy

Monday 4.29
Horse Breeds and Their Uses
The History of Batman
The Three Sisters: Math, Art, And Nature
Into the Wild
Morgues, Autopsies and Medical Examiners

 -  Biff Maier, LMS Director of Faculty & Curriculum