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A Dentist Visited Our Classroom Today

Our school nurse, Kathleen, brought a visitor to our classroom today.  When our visitor asked the children how many times a day they should brush, many children knew that they should brush their teeth two times a day; morning and night for two minutes. The dentist reminded children that flossing their teeth every day is important too. And children heard that another important way to keep their teeth healthy is to eat healthy foods.  The children watched as the dentist demonstrated with a magnetic tooth, how some things are unhealthy for our teeth such as donuts, lollipops, jellybeans, and soda.  While other foods are healthier for our teeth such as apples, watermelon, and carrots.
Using oversized models of teeth, the dentist explained that children should use a soft brush all around top teeth, the insides of the top teeth, and flat surfaces where we chew and the same for the bottom teeth.  Children each had a turn practicing brushing the large teeth with an oversized toothbrush.