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The purpose of B.A.S.P. at LMS is to serve the different needs of families for extended care.  Our goal is to offer consistent, enriched environments where children can feel comfortable, safe and nurtured.

B.A.S.P. provides exposure to materials and activities the child might not otherwise receive in school.  Thus, the program should, and does, differ from the preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school classrooms.  Offerings include non-Montessori materials and activities such as dress-up costumes, board and card games, toys and puzzles.  Teachers provide age-appropriate direction in areas such as art, organized games, sports and strategic games.  Most important, we believe B.A.S.P. should provide the essential ingredients of a “neighborhood” and even an “extended family” which has become important to our children.  We are a built-in play date before and after school every day.  Thus, we are committed to offering unscheduled and undirected time during which mixed ages can do homework, socialize and create their own activities supported by the staff as facilitators and suppliers of requested ingredients and props.  We are also committed to providing flexibility in the flow of the afternoons to accommodate the different needs of students.

B.A.S.P. at LMS is not simply an addendum.  It is a carefully considered, quality program run by a professional staff and philosophically integrated into the fabric of the entire school.

Our elementary and middle afterschool enrichment activities are not part of the B.A.S.P program but activities that members of our LMS community were interested in having here at school.  Space available on a first-come basis. Children enrolled in After School Program may attend afternoon Enrichment Activities on the same day at the BASP discounted price.  Please contact Alisha Cropper for more information.

Alisha Cropper , BASP Director
Lexington Montessori School
Lexington, MA 02421
(781) 862-8571 Ext. 1119