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Connecting with a Chilean Montessori School

While living in Chile from January 2010 until July 2011, Suzie Byers (CH and LE Spanish techer) taught English at a Montessori school in Valparaíso. One of the ways that she has kept in touch with her Chilean friends is through Skype video-calls. She thought it would be interesting and fun to share this experience with LMS students, so a few of her Children's House and Lower Elementary students Skyped the Casa de Niños at La Escuela Montessori de Valparaíso.  Hearing the Chilean Montessori students sing songs in English inspired LMS children to sing their favorite Spanish songs.  Despite the over 5,000 miles that separate our schools, it seemed as if we were all together in one Montessori classroom.  To learn more about La Escuela Montessori de Valparaíso, please visit its website:
Hopefully, more LMS children will have the chance to connect with Suzie's former students during this school year.