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Farming, Of Mice and Men, MMUN

For this week's athletics, the Middle Schoolers continue to work with Ben on their farming. They continued their jobs from last week and also had a thick discussion about idling cars and how it will prevent them from being able to plant certain things around the campus. A brand new thing the MS students are doing this week in farming is baking bread and cooking butternut squash soup.

            In the MS English class the children read Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck. The class seemed to really enjoy reading the book. Throughout the classes Zuz showed them fascinating ways of foreshadowing events to characters and characters to events throughout the book. Some time in the next week Zuz is planning to show the kids the remake movie.

            In MMUN Kim took all Model UN kids to watch a movie called Wadjda. This movie is about a young girl in Saudi Arabia who wants to get a bike, but can't because she doesn't have the money to buy one. Her journey to getting the money for the bike is very moving, especially because she’s a girl in a country that discriminates against girls (The whole movie is in Arabic and there are English subtitles).

Those are the highlights of the week for the middle school.