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Honorable Mention Poetry by Charlotte

The Stain
 by Charlotte 
we stare down at it,
my mother and I.
murder comes to my mind.
the last memory of a life
It's not going away.
my safe haven
stained for life.
I reach down,
wanting to remember
wanting to understand.
Don’t touch it!
my sweaty palm pauses.
The blotch.
It looks like modern art
hanging in some museum.
The once fuzzy,
frilly, pink
smeared by a
of my bloody reality.
 by Charlotte 
In a flash, the darkness engulfs the bed,
charging into every corner
and cranny,
oozing under doors and in between sheets.
The source retains its glow for a moment longer,
Shielding the light from the blackness battering at its walls.
The walls crumble
Then fall
And the light is extinguished.
The blackness sits back, surveying its domain with satisfaction.
Its eyes roam from the door… over the bed and the mound inside it
Its lockdown complete
And then, it pauses,
a double take.
There is still light,
An impenetrable fortress of neon green
flashing out symbols.
It cannot rip its eyes away….
And neither can the mound.
Time passes.
The flashing symbols are hypnotic.
The blackness cannot draw its self away.
Mesmerized, it is unaware of the battle going on around it,
The light streaming in,
and around.
he cannot tear his eyes away.
The darkness is receding.
His soldiers flee for safety,
clustering into shadows,
hiding under the bed.
And finally,
The blackness is cut down from his midnight throne.
The battle is lost.
It is time for the mound to awaken.
Only the blackness knows
It has never been asleep.