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MS fall athletics: Farming

These past weeks we have been working on farming around the school campus. The MS students have been working on multiple projects including building garden beds, planning a peace garden, clearing out debris in pond area and composting. This Thursday before the children started working they brainstormed ideas for the peace garden. Then two middle school students, Nick and Nat, started to figure out a way to put all of the ideas together. The also started transferring the peace pole to where the garden would be built. “We have been hammering in the peace pole for the garden.”- Nat. The middle school students have also been raking all the leaves on the path and fixing the fence “We have been raking leaves and hammering in post for the fences.” - Aline. One of the ongoing projects is composting with Yliuz and Jordan “For the past three weeks we’ve been making the compost healthy for planting” – Jordan. MS students have been crafting garden beds and planting radish seeds, carrots and many other veggies. Last week a few kids worked on making insulators for the beds during winter. The middle school students have been working hard on making the campus a more beautiful place for everyone at LMS and we thank them all very much.
Special shout-out to Ben Boegehold for being such a great instructor for the kids and knowing so much about farming.