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Puerto Rican Pen Pals

Recently, LE students learned about our sister Montessori school in Puerto Rico, "Nueva Escuela Juan Ponce de León." The LMS Middle School spends part of its trip to Puerto Rico visiting with students at this school. Some Middle Schoolers thought that it would have been nice to have connected with these students before meeting with them face-to-face. Hearing this, while seeing pictures of the trip, inspired LE students to reach out to their Puerto Rican peers.  So, imagining their potential future trip as Middle Schoolers, LE students wrote Spanish letters (with drawings and photographs) to students at "Juan Ponce." They also stapled their drawing of "Esteban el plano" to their letters after reading about the beloved character from the Flat Stanley series. Along with their letters, students at Juan Ponce received a copy of this book in Spanish and English as our gift to them. Hopefully, all of the LE students will receive replies to their letters before too long. To learn more about Juan Ponce and other Montessori schools in Puerto Rico, please visit the following website: