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Silver Key Persuasive Writing by Kuk

Show’s Over, Scott:  Why we can’t re-elect Scott Brown? ?
by Womsikuk
On January 19th, 2010, at 9:13 PM, Martha Coakley phoned Scott Brown to concede her defeat in the 2010 United States Senate Special Election. Brown, previously an unknown State Senator, had upset the political balance of normally Democratic-leaning Massachusetts. Coakley, the Attorney General of Massachusetts, had run arguably the worst campaign in the history of the state. After winning the Democratic primaries, beating out, among others, Celtics owner and managing partner of Bain Capital Stephen Pagliuca, Coakley had done almost nothing to campaign. Perhaps assuming that Massachusetts was so Democratic, and that Ted Kennedy’s legacy was so written in stone, she barely campaigned, spending little money on advertising and campaigning. Brown, meanwhile went on the offensive. Despite having less money than Coakley, he began to campaign vigorously, beginning to cultivate his “nice guy” and “working Joe” image. In his victory speech, Brown said the twelve words that would define basically his whole re-election campaign: “My name is Scott Brown. I’m from Wrentham. I drive a truck.”? ?Now it’s been almost three years since that fateful night. Right now, Brown is locked in a heated contest with Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. A contest which, according to many polls, he is losing. Not willing to lose, Brown, instead of focusing on the issues, is attacking his opponent on a non-issue: Whether she claimed to be Native American to get hired or not. This is despite the fact that all of Warren’s past employers, including Harvard University, have said that they either did not know about Warren’s heritage or that she did not receive any affirmative action hiring benefit. Warren says that she didn’t ask her mother for documentation of her heritage, but knew that the reason her parents were forced to elope was because her mother was Cherokee. ? ?Another way Brown has been attacking Warren is by claiming that she was a member of a legal team representing Traveler’s Insurance with the intent of minimizing payments to asbestos victims. That story is, quite frankly, a load of bull. (Pardon my French) Anybody with access to a computer and a search engine can find out the truth: That Warren represented the victims, not, as Brown claims, Traveler’s. Brown still airs those ads quite frequently, mostly on YouTube and Hulu. Warren’s camp has fired back with ads showing people who had been impacted by the asbestos lawsuit saying that Warren had defended them, not some corporate bigwigs. Brown’s defense: The people in those ads were paid actors.? ?If we’re going to question Warren’s ethics, why not question Brown’s? What kind of person hires homeless people to stand at rallies to make it look like they have support among the African-American community? Which, to be clear, he doesn’t. What kind of person defends his staffers after a video is released showing them tomahawk chopping -- an outdated, racist gesture I thought was limited to those idiots in Atlanta? (I’m not saying all Atlanteans are idiots,but as a Native American myself,  I’m just saying that the ones who do “the chop” are.)  What kind of person poses naked in a centerfold in Cosmo with their hands covering their crotch? Let me tell you something, if a female politician had done a centerfold, she would have seen her political career sink faster than Battlefield Earth. Brown may have less ethics than Elizabeth Warren, but at least Warren talks about the issues instead of just pointing out his flaws.? ?Since Brown’s campaign never talks about the issues, let’s look at what he’s supported. For starters, the controversial Blunt Amendment. The Amendment allows employers to deny contraceptives to their employees based on their religious beliefs. That’s illegal, because employers have to have contraceptives in their health plan. Thanks Obamacare! Brown is against Obamacare, despite the fact that his daughter Ayla, who is 23, is insured under a provision of Obamacare, and will be insured until she is 26. Brown is also against paycheck fairness for women, despite living in “a house full of women.” Brown also voted against Wall Street reform, and has attacked Warren as a visionary of the Occupy Movement, which he claims has a “poisonous message.” So, in the commercial where he claims to have supported Wall Street reform, and the waitress says “You deserve another cup,” we should change it to “You’re a hypocritical former nude model!” ? ?We can’t re-elect Scott Brown, because it’s bad for the country. Brown is pandering to Massachusetts’ predominantly Independent voting populace by saying that he is in favor of things he obviously isn’t in favor of. He has cultivated this false “nice guy” image, hoping it contrasts with Warren’s image as an out of touch member of the liberal elite. We must see through his illusion and look at the real Brown: a staunch Republican who wants to take away benefits that people deserve and wants to restrict our rights as Americans. He is not a free-thinking, independent guy who is just like us. ? ?“He’s for us?” Think again, Massachusetts.?