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Spanish Heritage Group

Yael started the meeting by explaining the origin of the country's name. Did you know that when Christopher Columbus saw the palafitos (houses on stilts above water) of the indigenous Warao people, he was reminded of Venice and therefore called the land "Venezuela?" Then, Yael showed pictures of Salto Ángel (Angel Falls), which is the world's tallest waterfall.  Her children jumped in to explain their excitement upon visiting this waterfall for the first time. Their enthusiasm was infections. When Yael showed images of the tepuis (the 115 table-top mountains that make the landscape, flora and fauna of the Gran Sabana in south-east Venezuela famous) everyone was wide-eyed with wonderment. Another highlight was a video of Yael's friend, Rodolfo Gerstl, who filmed these extraordinary places from a helicopter. This unbelievable footage is posted in the "Links" section of the main Spanish web page. ¡Muchas gracias, Yael!