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Starting the year

Next week at this time, we will all be in a school routine. Some children will find that routine secure and happy, others will continue their adjustment. Parents will be in some state of relief because, if nothing else, the school day schedule will be predictable and consistent.

These first days of school and the order of children’s attendance are the result of years of experience and a great deal of thought and discussion on the part of teachers.

Why is it a half day?
When will all the children be together?
Why does the Before and After School program not start on the first day of school?
Why can’t both of my children come to school?

Just as the environment of the classroom requires thoughtful preparation according to the age of the children, the way the children start their year requires preparation. The children returning to the classroom come with different expectations and experiences from the children who are just entering LMS. Children moving up to the next classroom level have different needs from those who get to welcome them into the classroom. Teachers recognize the value of a gradual re-entry and the dividends that pays in the first few weeks of school, if not the rest of the year.

Proper introduction, especially for the youngest children has made the difference between tearful transition to after-school for several weeks and a transition that is cautious for a day and joyous thereafter. The child who feels in her bones the anticipation of her third year, her year as the role model and leader of the class, requires guidance and an understanding of her role.

Fifteen years ago the “start” of school took three weeks, or so I have heard. Working parents and demanding schedules have required compromise in our interpretation of this easing in period for children. Three weeks to three days – not bad. And yet we understand just these three days can be challenging.

Thank you for bearing with us for what we strongly believe provides a healthy adjustment for your kids.

And here’s to a great year for all.