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This week in LE4...

Here's a quick glimpse of the major events of LE4 this week. Be sure to ask your child about each one and his/her part in it!

* The More We Get Together (song) - preparing to perform at next week's assembly

* introduction of Mystery History (classroom event on Oct 31st) - slide show of Mystery History Days past, video of past Mystery History Day festivities; see Information to Download Section of LE4's private web page for more details!

* Reading Groups - biographies of Ichiro Suzuki and Ghandi

* Celebrity Reader - Kristina, Quin's mom, read about Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart and Gabriel García Márquez

* introduction to Spotlight on the Author (author presentation) 

* VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) - Sue, LMS art teacher, visited the class to with paintings for the children to observe, compare and contrast

* MS Helpers - Ivana and Adriana, LE4's middle school helpers, visited the classroom for the first time and read with Alexander and Kaleb