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Notes on our Program
Children's House:   The K-Chorus joins Kindergarteners from different classrooms in a song and movement session that meets for 45 minutes on Thursday mornings.
Lower Elementary:  Students work on music with peers from their classroom for 45 minutes weekly in a program that emphasizes song, dance, drumming, games and a foundation for music literacy. 
Upper Elementary:  Students meet with peers at their grade level in weekly hour-long classes that emphasize solfege singing, ear-training, rudimentary instrumental skills and ensemble practice and performance.
Middle School:   Students study Music as an Arts Elective, in two hour classes that meet on Wednesdays on a trimester basis.  This year the electives are "Soundscapes",  "Making Music from the Visual", and "The Universe of Jazz". 
Music Beyond the Classroom
Music is used routinely and specifically in the LMS classrooms at every level.  In addition, we see songs and other music used to mark important school occasions like the Fall Harvest Fest, and the Moving Up and Graduation ceremonies at the end of the year.  Music is often an important part of the yearly Arts Residency in March, and is celebrated annually at the Spring Arts Festival.   Finally, offerings in Glee Club, Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Drumming are ongoing parts of the B.A.S.P. which many students have found rewarding or inspiring.  Alisha Cropper can help with more information about our lessons program.