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What Makes Us Sing

We sing in LE2. We sing silly songs and serious songs. We sing composed lyrics or sometimes make them up. We invent rhythms: we sing them or play them on our bodies or with a variety of other instruments. At times movement accompanies our songs. Loudly or softly, on key or off, we sing together.
We sing at morning meeting, we sing on birthdays. Some students sing while they work. We’ve heard others sing at recess or on their way to dismissal.
On occasion, a student will solo. There have been times when a teacher will start to teach a song and everyone already knows it and joins in. There are times when a teacher assumes everyone knows a song and she finds herself unintentionally soloing for the duration.
Experts say singing is good for you for a whole bunch of reasons:
Whatever the format, when we in LE2 sing or play together, we listen and share our voices to make our community whole. And it’s fun.