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What is VTS?

Visualization Thinking Strategies
Sue Galeros, LMS Art teacher, periodically visits the Lower Elementary classrooms in an effort to have the children not only making art, but also admiring it.
Sue brings copies of masterpieces with her. She shows them to the children while asking, “What do you see?” The children become detectives and look closely to the works of art. “What small details do you see? What do those details tell you? Where, when, how was this scene painted? What makes you say that?” These are questions that Sue presents to the kids. They run with them. They observe, like art critics, like scientists.
This week Sue used the works of Picasso and Cassatt for her lesson. The children had so much to say that she let us borrow them for a while. A Montessori classroom is by nature interdisciplinary, the children learn language through science and history. They learn math trough practical life, grammar through geometry and so on. This week we used art to compare and contrast, learned about Venn Diagrams and as creative writing starters. What is happening in this work of art? Who are the characters? What are they doing? What happened just before? What do you think will happen next?
I think we can call ourselves interdisciplinary.