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When we visited Lexington Montessori for the first time fourteen years ago, my husband and I knew that it was the school for our son. We just knew. Since then, I have been a parent here, a volunteer, and for the past eight years, the Head of School. Both our boys have graduated, and I continue to be part of this community every single day. Lexington Montessori School is that kind of school: warm, engaging, active. Children work hard independently and collaboratively.
Our goals: understanding the necessity and joy of learning, believing in oneself and in others, and working for peace and prosperity in the world. Teachers love, care for, and inspire LMS children and LMS parents. The Montessori philosophy of cultivating internal motivation, learning actively and at your own pace, and learning how you learn gives the school both its dynamic and its gentle spirit. Children finish LMS confident and able to take on the challenges of their next school because they know who they are and feel they can make a difference. And they do.
Please come visit us to see for yourself. I look forward to meeting you.
Aline Gery
Head of School

PS. In the meantime, check out Montessori Madness! by Trevor Eisler

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