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Middle School Plays
LMS Middle School Plays--written and directed by the students!
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5k/Fun Run
What an amazing LMS event!
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LMS Day Gathering
Read today by Aline Gery, Head of School

Today, LMS Day, is a celebration of our school. LMS is a place where we appreciate each other, appreciate ourselves, and appreciate the world. So before we celebrate, we will acknowledge two recent struggles of our world:

The strain caused by people in cities around the United States between law enforcement and citizens that has resulted in tragic deaths.

And the natural disaster - a severe earthquake - that has caused so much sorrow and loss in Nepal. For this, let's have a moment of silence.


Sometimes people beyond LMS appreciate our school. Here is a proclamation made by former governor of Massachusetts and candidate for President of the United States, Michael Dukakis, 26 years ago:
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Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!
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