What the kids are saying @ LMS...

Aline Gery, Head of School
“Wait. Wait for me. I just need to pick up this piece of snow.” CH student
“We didn’t have to do the calculations? Wow, no wonder it took me so long. Yeah, I know, I should have read the instructions.” MS student
“I know this foot goes where the pink is on this shoe, and this one goes on the other foot.”   CH student
“I love snow. Do you love snow? I love snow.” CH student
“One of the fish lost its tail. We think another one bit it. I think we should call Ben.” UE student
“The next book we read is Harry Potter. Will we have tea?” LE student
“I am going to nowhere.” Nowhere? “Norway! To see my cousins!” CH student
Would you like some crackers for snack? “I’ll wash my hands!” CH student
“Do I have to find [on the globe] all the countries my family is from?” LE student
“I actually always like to be first.” CH student
“Let’s just keep reading books together, okay?” CH student
“Aline, can we have a food fight?” LE student
“We’re fine. I just learned some stuff on the ukulele.” MS student, from Puerto Rico
“Do you like my orange?” TD student
“I spent my snow day working hard on 70 valentines for my friends and family.” UE student
“When I know why, like if someone is sick in the family or something like that, then I can understand why she doesn’t smile.” LE student
We missed you while you were gone. “I know.” CH student
"Old Nick Donald had a farm e-i-e-i-o"  TD student

And a story

Out of the mouths of babes...beautiful music
As I was reading to the toddlers one morning, one handed me a book, "This Little Light of Mine". I started to read to them and it just didn't sound right. So I started to sing the song. The four toddlers started to sing along with me. That moment was a very bright spot on a cold, cold winter day.  - Linda Morrison, Business Associate
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