Moving into Summer...

by Aline Gery, Head of School
As we move into summer, I am closing the year with two letters from: 1) a 1969 LMS alum and 2) an eighth grade parent to parents of graduates.
Letter from an alum who attended LMS in the late ‘60’s-early ‘70’s:
My parents brought me the recent article about LMS from Lexington’s Colonial Times Magazine, and I wanted to write to offer my congratulations during this anniversary year.
I began as a student at Lexington Montessori School in the fall of 1969, and spent my primary years in a classroom in the main building that I can still picture when I close my eyes…. I remember peeling carrots and I remember the bunnies in their homes in the back yard and I remember stools and mats but most of all I remember LOVING being there!  I truly loved being at school!  My brother, who is a year younger than me, joined me as a Primary student the following year.  Our older sister had already been through her three year cycle - in fact she spent her third year of Primary in a Montessori School in Copenhagen as my family had relocated to Denmark when my Father was doing a sabbatical year.  Even though she did not speak the language, or know a single person, she walked into her Danish Montessori classroom, picked up the materials and it was a seamless and smooth transition.
Montessori always stayed with me and when I gave birth to my first child I knew that I needed to find a Montessori School for her.  Fourteen years later both of my daughters have been through Primary, Lower EL, Upper EL and Middle School at The Montessori School in Wilton, Connecticut.  I went from parent to Parent Association Co-Chair to “super-volunteer” then Board Member and finally, eight years ago, became Communications Director!  Our school is celebrating our 50th anniversary … just like Lexington Montessori!
When I read the article I saw that you were hoping alumni from the early days would reach out so… here I am!  Thank you for the memories, for inspiring me to educate my children as Montessorians and then to dedicate my career to this wonderful pedagogy.  Again, I congratulate the school and the staff at this momentous occasion and wish you fabulous and successful celebrations!
Warm regards,
A letter to the parents of the class of 2014:
Dear Eighth Grade Parents,
As a veteran writer of a class gift letter - I'd easily written when older son James graduated from LMS three years ago - I was unprepared for the challenge of this one.  But since for me and for about half of you this marks the end of our formal run as active LMS parents, we face an imminent, sharp separation and that is a separation I'm not prepared for.  We know that, yes, there will be re-visits to the Ice Cream Social or Pancake Breakfast with our alum children.  And when we again pass through Logan's Terminal C we'll note with a smile of remembrance the early morning Puerto Rican takeoff nerves - theirs and ours. We'll run into Biff at the Mass Ave. Trader Joe's, stop for a chat.  But this spring does bring a very real separation.  Trust the depth of our envy of the half of you with another child still at the school.
What I'll most treasure as I move on, what I've come to appreciate with such vivid first hand experience, is how well the school has served and supported the individuality of each of my boys.  Their personalities and traits, of course, have a great deal of overlap, as do Jackson's to varying degrees with each of your children, his classmates. But Jackson, his brother, and your departing child is each a separate individual who brings separate strengths and baggage and frustrations and joys to each class day and to each LMS event.  The LMS community of educators has responded to that uniqueness with fresh approaches, insight, innovation, and near infinite patience.  I've so treasured how well my sons have been treated and served; how every day has been marked by the commitment to this child in this moment.  I envy those of you with involved, invested LMS parent time ahead of you.
There is a tradition of class gifts at LMS:  an opportunity to celebrate our children and to offer a parting thank you.  The Class Gift is a gift to the school made possible by the generosity of the families of the graduating class.  In contributing to the class gift, we honor our children and the faculty and recognize LMS for the special educational experience it has given our sons and daughters…
Thanks for your support,
Mark, Jackson's Dad
We wish everyone a fine summer with your children.


Saturday, June 14th
Meet between 10 - 10:30am
Parade begins at 11am

We will meet near the Boston Public Library. Take the Green Line to the Copley Street station.
Look for Alisha, Tara, or a gathering of happy LMS folks!

Also on Saturday, June 14th...the LMS 50th Birthday Celebration!

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