Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Making Connections

Laura Francis, Lower Elementary Room 3 Teacher
In this microcosm of interconnectedness we call a Montessori classroom, it may be possible for us to take for granted the wonderful opportunity the children have at their fingertips to make connections. If you tune in, you’ll hear connections forming all around you. So I tuned in. And some gems were discovered.
During an elder grammar lesson, we reviewed the parts of speech and talked about how an article announces, “A noun is coming! A noun is coming!” One child aptly observed, “Articles are the Paul Revere of words.”
During Harvest Fest rehearsal, we were trying to explain that when it’s one child’s turn to speak during the show, they should raise their voice and everyone else needs to be silent. A brilliant first year suggested, “The person speaking should use a lion voice and the rest of us should use our butterfly voices.”
After the hierarchical cube was presented to our class, we talked about what it would look like if we could make a 10,000,000 bar. It was suggested that maybe it could be a bench across the classroom and the dividing lines would be the spaces where people could sit. An imaginative middle noticed, “and the 10 bar could be a bench for the ants!”
Listening to a blossoming reader learn a new word is always a treat. Looking back on a recent experience with one curious first year reading the book “The Math Test” makes me reflect on all the connections I’ve observed lately. And the beauty of it all is that these kids have the opportunity to make countless connections, like they do every day, and they can still ask the question, “What’s a test?”

Elementary Harvest Fest

Last week, on the day before Thanksgiving,  we were treated to the Elementary Harvest Fest performances.  Here are a few faces from the special morning...

Check it Out 

To all LMS Parents, from BASP
Your child(ren) are invited join us for a few hours of holiday cookie decorating, playing games and a movie. 
LMS Holiday Play Date
Where: Lexington Montessori School (EL building)
When: December 8th, 2012
Time: 12-4pm
Price: $35 per child
Who: All Children 1st-6th grades(open to the public)
During the holidays parents need time to finish shopping, wrapping, decorating, cleaning or just take a break from it all! Drop your kid(s) off for a great time with friends and our LMS staff.  
Contact Alisha acropper@lexmontessori.org for more information
Please note: Children should be fed before attending.  Registration is on a first come first served basis
Have some expertise to share? LMS' Montessori Model UN is looking for you!
The Middle School MMUN team is beginning research on its position papers. Students are assigned to research the topics below. The Middle School is looking for adults with expertise to share on the following:
Post-conflict reconstruction in Libya
Disaster relief and management
Micro-loans for emerging markets
European debt crisis
Improving reproductive health
Children in armed conflict
Empowering girls through education
South Sudan: poverty and hunger
If your educational background or your line of work makes you a good resource for the students, and you are willing to consult, please contact LMS Middle School teacher, Kim McMaken-Marsh. Thanks!
LMS M.A.C. Basketball is on!
Thanks to LMS Diversity Coordinator, Tarrence Brown, who will be coaching this year's team.
The team is open to all LMS 5th through 8th grade girls and boys.
If your child is interested in participating, please fill out the attached form and return to Kristen Neuschaefer, along with the registration fee, by Friday, December 7th.
The first practice is Wednesday, December 12th at 3:15pm

Spotlight on ...The end of calendar year is fast approaching!

If you would like to have your gift to the LMS Annual Giving Program credited to the 2012 calendar year for tax purposes, it must be received as follows:
Checks and cash gifts: Postmarked by December 31, 2012
Credit card gifts: Received by the school by the end of business (4pm) on Wednesday December 19, 2012
Securities: Transfers initiated by December 12, 2012
Thank you!
A reminder - LMS' fiscal year ends June 30, 2013 


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