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A Note From Aline

Teachers’ IN-stee-toot
“Teachers’ Institute.” That’s what it was called at John Beck Elementary School in the 1960’s when we had a day off that wasn’t a holiday. Never gave it much thought when I was seven, except that we didn’t have school.
At LMS we call it Professional Day or Teacher’s In-service. Over the years, and in addition to ongoing curriculum work in all subject areas annually, professional work for teachers and staff at LMS has included workshops on:
-      Building executive functioning
-      Boys and School
-      Vision (eyes) and Learning
-      Mindsets
-      Sustainability and systems thinking
Last Saturday everyone who works at LMS attended a full day workshop with Peggy McIntosh. Those of us who had worked with her before or were familiar with her approach to anti-bias education were anticipating an engaging session. Those who had not attended any of her workshops, wanted to be excited, but it was a Saturday, after all.
Peggy does not disappoint. Her voice and presence are gentle, but her mind and intellect are powerful.
From teachers and staff about last Saturday:
“Peggy helped remind us that we are each the product of our upbringing, our personal experiences, and, as she discussed, of strong cultural myths that white people are raised on and - however consciously or unconsciously - perpetuate. I really like the imagery she used that this constitutes my active hard drive perceptions, and that I need to continually and consciously work to ‘install the alternative software.’”
“Saturday was such a comforting, validating day for me. Having someone with the intellect, clarity of mind and kindness of Peggy Mcintosh talk to us and put in such an organized way the thoughts that ramble and jump constantly in my head was such a great experience. She is an amazing woman.”
“I found the content informative and the exercises enlightening.”
“What I appreciated about Peggy MacIntosh's presentation was twofold. First her message about acknowledging inequalities due to race, gender, or sexual orientation is an important step in actively addressing these challenging issues. Additionally, her use of serial discussions to allow the participants to call on their own life experiences was interesting and will be a technique I use in my own classroom.”
As someone new to the school, the In-Service meeting on Saturday was very interesting from a couple of perspectives. First, I was able to interact and get to know my co-workers better. Second, it made me think about my life experiences from a different perspective. I never really thought about the privileges that I have just because of the color of my skin, where I live and how I was raised. It was a very thought provoking and worthwhile day.
So, many of us left on Saturday saying, “a good professional workshop --
Is applicable to the classroom – check.
Causes me to think about my work with children in a new way – check.
Teaches me something new about myself – check.
Gives me new perspective on my colleagues – check".
And on a Saturday no less.

Interested in Joining the LMS Board or a Committee?

The LMS Board of Directors would like to invite members of the Lexington Montessori Community who are interested in joining the Board of Directors, or one of the Board committees, to submit a brief bio to Valerie Overton by March 29, 2013. If you submit a bio, a member of the Board’s Committee on Governance (COG) will contact you to schedule a brief meeting to discuss the Board and its committees.

The LMS Board sets the school’s policies and budgets and provides the administration with support and guidance, ensures that LMS is fulfilling its mission, safeguards the financial stability of the school, and hires and evaluates the Head of School. To that end, Board committees work in specific areas, such as governance, finance, development, diversity, sustainability.

COG is charged with identifying and nominating a slate of individuals who will contribute in meaningful and needed ways to the Board. The slate that COG develops is approved by the full Board and presented at the annual LMS Corporation Meeting in May.
In developing the slate, COG considers what the school needs to accomplish in the next few years, which members will be leaving the Board, and what skills are needed. It then works to identify candidates who will bring commitment, needed talents, and varying perspectives to the Board. COG looks for the following attributes when nominating candidates for Board and committee positions: an ability to consider issues and make decisions with the best interests of the whole school in mind, a deep commitment to the school, and an open and flexible attitude.
The Board encourages anyone who might be interested in serving on the Board, now or in the future, to serve on a Board committee. This is an excellent way to learn more about the school and its leadership. It is also a great way for the Board to get to know you better and learn about your areas of interest and expertise.

Check it Out 

Join us for an Evening of Dinner and Conversation
Saturday March 2nd (tomorrow!)
5:30 - 8PM 
Dinner will be followed by a presentation by Peggy McIntosh
What Can Parents do to Guide Children in an Inequitable World?
Please join us for this enlightening and
engaging evening!
Two messages from the LMS Middle School:
The Middle School will be selling baked goods at the Residency performance on Thursday evening. The baked goods will be made by the Children's House students. The money will go to buy pajamas to donate to Cradles to Crayons. The treats will cost between $.50 and $2.00. We also welcome monetary donations and/or donations of NEW pajamas. Hope to see you there!
The Middle School has designed fabulous "Drum and Dance" t-shirts for this year's residency.
All shirts are handmade to order, using fair trade organic cotton shirts. Design your own shirt, choosing the shirt color, the design, and the ink color, and the Middle Schoolers will print it special for you!
Shirts will be delivered mid-April. Order forms are due Friday morning, March 8, by 9 am. Late orders cannnot be accepted.
We will also be taking orders at a table during the Residency itself on Thursday night.
The LMS Middle Schoolers
The LMS community is welcomed to march in the Musketquid Earth Day Parade in Concord on April 27th again this year.
In preparation there are free classes available at Emerson Umbrella  Questions? please contact LMS Art teacher, Sue G.

Spotlight on ...Elementary Residency

It's that time of year! As the days get longer and the light changes, and signs of spring begin to be seen, it is Residency time.
The Elementary Residency is a two week time for a break in the regular schedule. While there is still plenty of academic work time, students get to spend parts of their day collaborating with others in 1st through 6th grade.  
This year, Tom Foote from Rhythm Kids is back to work with us on Drumming and Dance.
2013 Drumming and Dance Residency
Take a trip around the world as we explore drumming and dance from Africa, Puerto Rico, China, New York City, Brazil, and the Middle East!
Come see it all in the LMS Multipurpose Room
All acts performing in both performances.
Early Show (Dress Rehearsal): Thursday, March 7th at 10:30am
In order to accommodate our entire audience we encourage you to attend the early performance if your schedule allows.
Evening Performance: Thursday, March 7th at 6:00pm
Click here to see pictures and video of the individual groups. Pictures and video are taken each day and will be uploaded as soon as possible. Please be patient as we gather pictures and video of all the children.
Please note: you will need to login to the LMS web site to view the page


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