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Growing up -- A mother’s musings

Rebecca Blake, LMS Director of Admission and Financial Aid
It’s an interesting thing to be a parent. That’s putting it mildly, I know. You raise another human being, try to do the right thing. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t – but hopefully most of the time, the chips fall in the right place. My husband and I have 3 daughters, each incredibly different from the other. As they were growing up, those differences necessitated changes of strategy, sometimes on the fly: discipline that worked for child #1 didn’t work for child #2; the activity that child # 2 enjoyed, child #3 had no interest in; #3 was as methodical and predictable as her older sisters were creative and spontaneous. But still Mel and I blundered on, loving these girls and doing our best. . . and somehow, we’ve arrived at almost 22 years after the birth of our first daughter to have 3 girls each moving on to the next phase in her life: Sylvia to high school (having been at LMS since in utero), Ivy to college, and Louise to Life Beyond College. How did this happen so quickly? This is every parent’s lament, of course: the years just pass by at warp speed. The Enterprise has NO idea what warp speed really means.
I found myself looking at a picture of Ivy at 4 years old the other day, and discovered I was grieving for the child that no longer is. The innocence of the swirling yellow dress, the child climbing into my lap; Barbies strewn about her bedroom floor. And yet, I look at her now, as I look at each of my daughters now, and am just enraptured by the mature individuals they have become. Self assured (yet usually open to advice), resourceful, with a plan.
The Barbie-playing Ivy grew into a young woman whose college application essay topic was titled: “Not your Honey: how I Became a High School Feminist.” Ivy, as a young elementary student, had challenges with focus and organization; at 18, she has a clear strategy as to how she can major in linguistics at Macalaster College, yet continue her study with circus arts. Louise, who at 3 was convinced her pretend fairy wings would truly allow her to fly, is taking off to make it in the world as an artist. She’s found her own lodgings and art studio in Seattle with no help from us. Sylvia, who was glued to my side as an incredibly shy 3-year-old, is now almost taller than I am, and making speeches in front of an audience at Montessori Model UN.
I admit, I was one of those parents who always looked to the possible disaster in any situation: if my 9 month old crawled towards the staircase, she would surely tumble down; if my 4 year old walked on a stone wall, she would fall off; if my 16 year old learned how to drive, she would get in an accident. Yet, even when they fell, they got back up again. And this is one of the interesting and rewarding things about being a parent: knowing your child will get up again, and with or without your help, they will move on…and now we can have so much fun engaging with them in the next phase of life, whatever that may bring.
Rebecca Blake is not only our Director of Admission, she is also an LMS parent. Her daughters (Louise '05, Ivy '09, Sylvia '13), each started at LMS in the toddler room.

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