Monday, August 03, 2015

A Note From Aline

Thank you to the 152 LMS parent survey responders!

Yes, 152 parents, thank you for your participation in the community survey you completed in February. Toddler, Children's House, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School parents were represented in healthy proportion to enrollment, and most of the 152 parents answered most of the questions. Thank you.
Some of the reults were quantitative - on a scale of 1 - 5:
Questions Responses
152 of you rated your child's experience at LMS... 88% of you gave your child's experience at LMS a 5 - "excellent" (55%) or a 4 - (33%)
127 of you responded to a question about the likelihood that you would recommend LMS to others... 87% of you selected 5 - "very likely", or 4 (5%)
117 of you rated your own understanding of Montessori philosophy, teaching approach, and curriculum... 75% of you said you understand at 5 "very well" (31%) or 4 (44%)
You selected a preferred descriptor for LMS graduates from three options: "bold", "resilient" and "centered"... You preferrred "centered"

A number of questions were open-ended, and many parents gave helpful information and impressions. For example:
  • We learned from you that more communication about your individual child would be welcome and appreciated.  
  • You told us that you value greatly our commitment to teaching mutual- and self-respect in a multi-age classroom that promotes community.  
  • You identified as the three most important aspects of an LMS education the quality of teaching, the developmental approach to educating children, and the overall academic program.
  • You chose as the highest rated aspects of your child's education at LMS Independence (“learning to do things for themselves and feeling empowered to do so”) and Community (“experiencing a classroom community that provides comfort and familiarity and teaches the importance of getting along together”). 
  • While there was much to celebrate in your comments, we heard from you that cost and logistics could be deterrents for families.

Based on your comments and ratings, we have begun discussing and planning for more parent education, for increasing meaningful and accessible communication from teachers, and for more effective messaging of who LMS is and what we do. The Board, acutely aware of the rising cost of tuition, has insisted on smaller increases for the past six years and voted on the lowest increase (3.5%) in recent memory.  The Board will continue to look seriously at the tuition as a barrier for families, despite the significant tuition assistance offered. We are always reflecting on our work and what we can do better, so thank you for your input - and stay tuned.

Have a wonderful Summer Vacation!

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