It's more than just doing business...

Linda Morrison, LMS Business Associate
As I sit here at my desk stuffing envelopes, I have to smile. When I came to LMS a year ago as a part-time business assistant, I didn't know what I was in for. After working here a few months I was pleasantly surprised.
The idea of working in a school was intriguing, and working at LMS has been a great experience. It is a pleasure coming to work every day. The little, green house is a great place and my house mates and co-workers are very interesting, fun and funny - every day flies by.
I think the part I like best is being able to participate in activities with the children. In my first few months, I went on a field trip to Cradles to Crayons. This was one of my favorites, it really had an impact on me. So much, that my son and I have volunteered there several times since.
I was also lucky enough to be a chaperone on a field trip with the kindergarten children to the Museum of Science to visit the planetarium. The field trip was to help them get ready for the Planet Play  - and that was awesome. I saw the play in their dress rehearsal and they did a really good job. Then I went to see the performance when their parents were watching - and boy, do they put on a show! It was wonderful.
But one of the things that I love the most is reading to the toddlers. There is nothing better than getting the attention of a room full of toddlers interested in reading books. Now I won't say that they sit there like angels, but they are a ton of fun to hang out with. And now when I walk through the playground and they are outside playing, I get the biggest waves and smiles and it just brightens my day. 
So am I glad that I came to LMS? You bet I am.

Thank you and a Save the Date...

The Diversity Committee would like to thank everyone who completed our survey at Community Day and online. We were thrilled to receive an unprecedented 88 responses!
Members of the community overwhelmingly agree (82%) that diversity is one of the reasons they choose to send their children to LMS. With the survey, committee members were hoping to receive guidance as we plan content for a parent education event to be held February 22, 2014.
Members were primarily interested in the impact of social class, gender, and race on children’s learning and development. In addition to the topics we listed, survey respondents shared ideas about considering learning differences and religion/culture/nationality as other areas in which our diverse community can learn from one another. Parents also expressed interest in learning from one another, and in discussing the difference between diversity and inclusion.
Based on the high level of interest in the survey, we will expect to see many of you at the 2/22/14 event. We are excited to announce that Brian Walker, author of Black Boy, White School will be the guest speaker that evening.
“BLACK BOY, WHITE SCHOOL is a nuanced, sophisticated novel about social structures, racial politics and identity. Brian F. Walker deals with issues of low income, urban life, and the walking on eggshells that is required of minority students in private schools --- who are caught between retaining their cultural and social affiliations of home while becoming a fully functioning member of their new school communities --- in a manner that is fair, thoughtful and not romanticized.” Sarah Hannah Gomez,  http://www.teenreads.com/reviews/black-boy-white-school, 11/25/13.
After parents and family members listen to the guest speaker, they will rotate among three interactive workshops designed to raise awareness about diversity issues.  Resources about these topics for children and for adults will also be available. It should be a lively evening with lots of opportunities to learn together and from one another. 
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