Joy in the Life of a Secret Person

This was originally run in 2010, but still holds true today!
The backdoor slams...
Whisper, whisper whisper...shuffling of feet and other sneaky sounds come down the hallway.


"No you go!"


"Down the hall" whisper, whisper, whisper.

A head, two heads pop in from around the corner.

"Hi." "Hi."

"Hi, what's up?"

"Oh nothing. We are just out for a stroll. So... how are you?"

An unidentified flying object zooms through the door from the hallway and bounces off a chair onto the floor.

"Well, we've got to go now. Bye."

Running feet down the hallway, barely contained whispers, the backdoor slams again.

Picking up the UFO one finds an envelope with a note. Sometimes there is also a drawing. Or a snowflake. Or a poem. Or a paper airplane. 

Mike, you are awesome...Biff, you are spectacular...Tricia, I hope your day is magical...Barbara, you make me smile...Kathleen, you make the sun shine...Aline you are a good person to read with...Carolyn, you are a great friend...Kim S., you are a very good Secret Person...

And so it goes in a typical moment in the life of a Secret Person in December at LMS. What is a Secret Person? A Secret Person is the recipient of the peace spread by a Secret Peacemaker. Ok, so what is a Secret Peacemaker? 

Several years ago, the LE4 classroom instituted the Secret Peacemaker Project. In an email to her classroom parents, LE4 teacher Patty Lally describes the concept: "Our class has talked a great deal about how to be a Peacemaker - spreading peace and joy to the people around us. At the start of school we read "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr to begin our learning about Peacemakers. Todd's book highlighted a number of different ways that one can spread peace around the world, mostly through simple things like saying hello to someone with a smile or playing ball outside...peacemakers are regular people like you, me and your child. The message of this book empowers children, showing them that they can be Peacemakers and that being a Peacemaker can be very simple..Each child is paired with an LMS Administrator or Specialist. During the school day next week your child will do a simple little thing for his/her person and deliver it in secret. Our Secret Peacemakers project will conclude with an in-class celebration for the kids and their Secret People...where your child will reveal their identity to their Secret Person."

So every year for a week and a half in December, thanks to the Secret Peacemakers, there is an extra bit of joy in the life of a Secret Person. 

A message from the LMS Business Office

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So have no fear
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