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Upper Elementary 1&2 - 2014-2015
Welcome to the Upper Elementary 1 and 2 class page!

This is where will you find the latest happenings in UE. The page will be updated weekly with current events, a picture or two, and answers to frequently asked questions and BTSN questions.

Please visit our private page for photo albums and downloads.
UE News
Bits and Bytes
The UE class has been up to quite a bit this semester.  Click to learn more, and check out the new photo albums on our private page...
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UE Job Talk Program Explores Careers in Science
The UE class recently hosted several parents--and one alumna--for lunchtime "Job Talks." Parents came in, discussed their work, and answered questions from interested students.
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The Beauty of Harvest Fest
Thanks again to everyone involved in Harvest Fest 2013! The beauty of Harvest Fest is that it is truly a student-produced event.  The teachers provide rehearsal time and give some feedback along the way, but it is the students themselves who choose the songs and acts, take precious time during recess and lunch to practice and plan, create the flyers and invitations, and add the finishing touches.  

In case you weren't able to attend the event (or would like to see it again), the video is now available to view on our private UE page.  If you would like a digital copy for yourself, you can email us and send in a 1GB flash drive.
Enjoy the show,
Seth (and the UE Team)

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The Great River: From Story to Study
In Montessori elementary classrooms, teachers often tell stories and use impressionistic models or charts when introducing new concepts or ideas.  The goal is to "spark the imagination" of the child.  This is followed with more detailed studies that might include creating a diagram, memorizing names, or composing research paragraphs.  Read on to learn more about a lesson we recently gave in science class...The Story of the Great River.
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Day of the Living (and Dead) Historical Figures
This past week, UE kids took part in the school-wide Mystery History event. Log on to our private page to see pictures of some of the students' costumes!
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