CH Science

Three to six-year-olds are active investigators. Our specialized materials encourage creativity, versatility and experimentation.

Cause and effect questions dominate their interactions as they seek to understand their physical environment. Through interaction with Sensorial materials, they learn to discriminate between sensory impressions and to use these impressions to guide their own learning. Through manipulation of materials, they internalize concepts of size, dimension, color, weight, form, smell, taste, sound and texture and, eventually, develop the language to verbalize them.

The nature of these magnificent Montessori materials, which isolate sensorial dimensions and are self-correcting, allows children to develop a strong sense of order that underlies clear, logical thought. Since the materials also lend themselves to variations, children’s experiences with them also encourage creativity, versatility and experimentation. (Since the Sensorial materials also contribute to mathematical concept development, they are further described in the Mathematics Curriculum.)
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