MS Math

The middle school math curriculum builds on students mathematical fluency, communication, reasoning and problem solving skills. There is an emphasis on understanding the how’s and why’s of the material, as well as how to apply what is learned. Students are placed in a comfortable small group setting where taking mathematical risks with their learning is encouraged. Kids learn using a variety of methods such as projects, partner work, independent work, or using materials to draw conclusions. Middle school graduates from LMS will have completed a full pre-algebra or algebra course. The Impact Mathematics text is used in pre-algebra and Merrill, Algebra 1: Applications and Connections text is used in the algebra course. Additional resources is used when appropriate to supplement the curriculum. 

Middle school students continue the movement begun in Upper Elementary from concrete thinking to abstract reasoning. Building on the firm, concrete foundation they formed, the Middle School students now use textbooks, pencil and paper to work with math at the abstract level.  Students work on integers, order of operations, variables, expressions and equations. They begin to graph and solve equations/inequalities and understand, write, and solve proportions. Geometry, statistics, and probability are explored. Problem solving is incorporated throughout the curriculum..
Algebra 1:

Building on their pre-algebra skills, students in Algebra 1 will work extensively on real world applications by solving problems that involve using variables to set up equations or inequalities and then solve for the unknown quantities. Solving and graphing linear and quadratic equations/inequalities, rules of exponents, working with polynomials, quadratics and factoring, radicals, and the quadratic formula are explored. Problem solving is incorporated throughout the curriculum.
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