UE Practical Life

Practical life activities for Upper Elementary students are intimately interwoven with basic skill development in executive functioning and responsible membership in community. 

In the Upper Elementary years, children’s interest in others and in their world both broadens and deepens. They develop a sense of responsibility and power as the oldest members of the elementary community. Their feeling of connection to a broader world community develops. Practical life activities at this level are intimately interwoven with basic skill work. 

These students plan, monitor and self-assess their academic progress. In meetings and in follow-through, they consciously create the community they live in. They support each other in and out of school. They organize their academic work at school and their belongings on excursions. They research and become politically active on issues about which they care deeply. They raise funds for their travels by hosting annual pancake breakfasts and ice cream socials. They learn about service by performing important tasks in their classroom and around the school, and they participate in various fundraisers to contribute to those less fortunate than they.
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