LE Spanish

The Lower Elementary Spanish Program uses songs, games, projects, readings, rhymes and tongue twisters to help children develop Spanish language skills in a fun atmosphere.

The Spanish teacher speaks Spanish during the majority of the lower elementary class. Spanish speaking cultures are celebrated with music, holiday celebrations and parties. The Lower Elementary students work on the following skills:
Listening and Speaking
  • Common classroom phrases, greetings and expressions of courtesy
  • Asking and answering simple questions, and conversing about interests
  • Understanding the main point(s) from a short spoken passage
  • Understanding the main point(s) from a short written text
  • Names and descriptions of classroom objects & places, including colors, numbers, sizes, animals, clothing, food, opposites, parts of the body, family, etc
  • Vowel sounds, spelling
  • Composition of short sentences
  • Use of Spanish dictionary and other resources
  • Gender and number agreement
  • To have, to be
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