Daniel Lehman `11 Back in the LMS Classroom with 2017 LMS Summer Horizons Program

Daniel Lehman spent six weeks as an assistant teacher for the `2017 LMS Summer Horizons Program. 

How did your time at LMS shape who you are
LMS taught me compassion and empathy. The work that the teachers put in to teach their students about how to treat others and why they should treat them that way is incredible. 

How did LMS prepare you for high school?
LMS taught me to love learning. Being passionate about learning is the first step to excelling in high school. Being an LMS student and being always ready to learn was a huge help. 
Do you have a favorite memory from your time at LMS?
Presenting on my Senior Project in Upper Elementary was definitely a highlight. I did Greek Mythology, and for my presentation I donned a toga. It was hilarious and a little nerve-wracking presenting in a bed sheet.
Tell us about your experience at LMS as an intern. What stands out in your mind regarding the teaching staff or any other aspect of the school? 
The passion that the kids had for learning, much like I had experienced. They were all so kind and welcoming that I really felt at home. I had some reservations coming in, but then the kids helped me to remember what a great community LMS is.

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